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How to reset iphone without passcode and computer

Now you can click on “Restore iPhone” and restore your iPhone. Warning: Recovery Mode will delete all the data, including your passcode and your iPhone will be reset to factory defaults. Solution 4: Unlock your iPhone without a passcode with the help of Siri Most iPhones have an option called “Allow access to Siri when locked with a.

Answer (1 of 77): If you've forgotten your iPhone pass code, it is going to be difficult to recover any of your data, but here are a few things you could try; Check if you have any recent iPhone backups; if you have an iCloud backup, you're all set. Otherwise check your.

Step 2: When you log in to the iCloud successfully, click on the Find My iPhone option. Step 3: Click on the All Devices option and select the iPhone that would be reset. Step 4: Click on the Erase iPhone option and follow the instruction to reset your iPhone. Method 2. How to reset iPhone without passcode and computer via iOS feature.

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1. Launch iTunes on your computer and update it to the latest version. 2. Make sure your iPhone isn't connected to the computer. 3. Let your iPhone enter the recovery mode: On iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone SE (2nd generation), X or later: Press and hold the Side button and one of the volume buttons to turn off your iPhone. Jun 10, 2021 · Step 2 Click the All Devices on the top of the screen and find your device in the list. When it locates your iPhone, you need to choose the Erase iPhone in the popup window. Step 3 It will erase all the data on your iPhone and reset it. So, you can access your iPhone and set a new passcode..

If you were locked out of your iPhone, you had to put your iPhone in DFU recovery mode, and then restore it via iTunes on Windows, or Finder on the Mac. Now, however, you'll be able to reset your.

Step 1: On another iOS device, download and install the Find My iPhone app. Step 2: Launch the app and then sign in with your Apple ID and password. Step 3: You should see a map with all the devices connected to that iCloud account. Step 4: Locate the locked device you want to unlock and tap on it.

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